Handmade and designed jewelry with the addition of fused glass accessories and storage.

I started my art career as a very small jewelry artist while in nursing school.  I was in need of a small project I could finish in one sitting when needing a break from studying.  I made mostly earrings at that time.  I still own and wear my very first earrings that I ever made.  I slowly outgrew the jewelry and graduated nursing school and found I had more time.  I saw a show on fused glass and thought I really want to do that.  I did a lot of research and started with a kiln that was used with a microwave..  In 2016, I purchased my very first "big girl" used kiln.  Shortly after I did, I realized that I needed a more sophisticated kiln for what I was using it for.  I was able to purchase another used kiln and have been using that ever since.  I am self taught, with a lot of cut's, blood, tears, and a few dropped finished items along with big sheets of glass.  I have been working a lot with copper in glass along with having a friend of mine paint on it.  I am excited on what I am going to teach myself next!

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