As the snow melts here in northern Wisconsin, things begin to look new again.  Spring cleaning is on it's way and people start looking for new and exciting things.  As an artist, it can be difficult to venture out of your comfort zone.  I know the materials I work with, I know how it will look when done, I can change colors and get the same result.  The down side of this is--everything looks the same year after year.  Working out of your comfort zone is stressful to say the least.  You have alot of time invested in one project and there is no guarantee you will like it or your customers will like it.  This can get artist's stuck.  A lesson I learned from my dad (who is also an artist), is even if I don't love it, this project may be exactly what someone is looking for.  This is a hard lesson to learn because it is easier to promote things you adore!  My goal for the month of April is to create more outside of my comfort zone.  I am looking at things with a different eye and try to put my spin on it!  

I would love to hear other crafters ideas on getting out of their comfort zones!

Happy crafting!