There is nothing like recieving a special order to break a creative slump.  As exciting and exhilirating as a special order is, it is just as nerve shaking!  Will my vision be the same as the client?  Will the client be ok with my vision, so on and so on!  So many questions!  This order just happend to be for 5 Mardi Gras glass square bowls.  Glass adds a new level or terror to a special order.  Glass is organic, and tends to have a mind of its own.  It can move and break when you cut it, break in the kiln, the colors can react with other colors to make a new color just to name a few issues.  Now on the hunt for the correct colors of yellow, green and purple.  I just happened to have a LARGE sheet of purple glass in my little studio and it was JUST ENOUGH to make all 5.  That means no mistakes!  Pressure is now on!  Long story short, they are all out of the kiln from the first fire and look AMAZING!  They will go back into the kiln tomorrow in the slump mold and be ready to ship! I still LOVE and encourage special orders dispite all these unknowns.  I feel it makes me grow as an artist and is a sure fire way to get you out of a rut!

While I am still creating in the studio, the free shipping sale is still going on!

Happy shopping,